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First off I’d like to congratulate John Lombardi for being voted in as the new President of the League. He is a long time member in good standings and deserves a chance to move the PTPL forward.

Next I’d like to thank Stan Bernardo for his service to the League, he has been on the board for the past 6 years as President and did a very good job. Enjoy the time off.

I’d also like to thank Marni Dorneman for her dedication to the League in the role as Statistician/Treasurer/Secretary/Babysitter, she has decided to resign her position to spend more time with her Family and all of Ben’s extra curricular activities. I for one will miss the role you played.

Pat Hallman has been reelected as Vice President, Pat has served on the board for many years and has been in the League for about 18+ years.

Finally for those that don’t know me my name is Mike Schatz, I have been elected to replace Marni’s position on the board minus the Babysitting role. ( GOD HELP ME ) Marni keep your phone attached to your hip.

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